Hi there!  You found us!  I'm impressed!   I just opened this up and am looking forward to editing the areas I can.  A friend of mine gave me this idea and the link to do it.  It seems simple so far and I'm enjoying it and I hope you do too.  My hotmail account has been hacked 3 times in the last 4 weeks and it's getting old but it will stay active.  It comes from morons that hack us all and cause us problems.  I'm afraid I have been a part of that process by opening up stuff I shouldn't have.  I plan on making a new method to keep in touch.  Facebook, twitter or any of the other social sites aren't my thing and I need a way to stay informed and up to date with things so here I am.  I'll be uploading pictures of some of our travels and hobbies and Kerry will be active here as well and I look forward to that too.  So if anyone has any questions or advice please feel free to comment either positive or not.  Thanks for visiting and have a great day! 


By the way, it's a new site and will take some time to get it all set up.  Most of what you see is the format THEY suggest and it will be changing as I find stuff I want to do here.  I HIGHLY recommend the website idea.  It's only $4.99 a month and you get a month free to try it out.  You can expect my political bull to show up here.  I'm 56 years old and unfortunately I am fearful for my country, living, way of life, culture and mostly my family.  We have an idiot in our highest office that doesn't belong there and My goal is to do my part to get all of us back to the literal meaning of the US Constitution.  THAT IS the only salvation for the country in my humble opinion.  If anyone disagrees with that then you really don't belong here and there are plenty of other countries that have the policies that you may advocate.  Feel free to go there.  Until then love your country or feel free to exercise one other freedom, leave it.   

My Latest Vacation

I try to travel as often as possible. My photo gallery features several pictures from my latest vacation.

Go ahead and see for yourself!