About Me

Name: Robert Redmond
Hometown: Peyton, CO - Winter  Cody, Wyoming - Summer
Hobbies: Working with my hands in my shop and My Harley!  I try to ride as much as I can and wish I could make more time for it.  I've recently been getting into RC Helicopters and Nitro Trucks.  Expensive sometimes but it keeps me out of trouble!  I'm STILL building on my 1965 Comet and have a 3 wheel project in process.  I'm finally getting a little better at TIG welding thanks to my old friend Mike Scalisce.  Smart guy. 


For Music I'll still pretty much listen to anything as long as it's Lynyrd Skynyrd!  hehe  Not really but I can't stomach rap or head banging crap.  Country is cool sometimes and I can listen to Jazz or Bluegrass.  I've been really enjoying some Irish Folk lately too.  I found a GREAT radio station last September in Boston that plays a lot of folk.  You can access it on the web at http://www.wumb.org/listenlive/setup.php   Great listening when you're just hangin out and don't want to hear hard stuff.