Not good news

As far as politics go, I’m pretty far right of center. According to my online tests it seems that I’m a libertarian but I prefer to look at myself as an American with strict Constitutional beliefs. But now it really doesn’t matter what party you “belong” to, we have too many problems to call yourself anything if you’re a patriotic American. We are so far from the US Constitution it isn’t even funny and we are going farther from it every day. We are at a point right now where I honestly believe the country will either get stronger and we’ll get back to Constitutional principles or we will cease to exist as a sovereign nation. I expect to know the answer to that within a year, maybe two at the outside. We now have THE most corrupt government that’s ever existed, certainly in our lifetimes and they’re not going to get any better.   I am COMPLETELY convinced the last presidential vote was rigged for Obama to remain in office and I am sure in my heart he isn’t even eligible to BE president. You can just google presidential vote and you’ll get millions of pages full of information as to how and why it was rigged. 58 precincts in Pennsylvania alone obama got 98-100% of the vote and in some areas there were more voters than population. That CAN’T be right no matter how you look at it. Without a fair vote we are DEFINITELY sunk. I see several things happening right now that brings us to the brink of either fixing the problem or causing us to lose the rest of our freedom. It is the “perfect” storm and once it’s over we’ll know the final status of our government and national sovereignty. I’ll list some of the problems and maybe even suggest a couple solutions. In the order I think of importance.


First and foremost the biggest problem we have ever encountered in our country is lawyers. They are killing everything that we hold dear and near. Lawyers make the rules and they don’t live by them. First off they are immune to lawsuit. They just won’t sue each other. They have become so powerful that I don’t see an end to it even if we do get a partial grip on our country. If Romney would have been elected (instead of Obama being re-appointed) that would not have changed. The healthcare system would pretty much fix itself if there were no lawyers. Every person that breathes or works in the healthcare system has to have mondo liability insurance, right down to the truck drivers that deliver the products. Even GREAT doctors that have never had even one lawsuit have very expensive insurance and guess who pays for that? And on top of that, guess who makes the most money from it? Lawyers. Not us. But it goes farther than that. Judges are lawyers and they allow those suits even when they appear to have no merit. Like the stupid lady and the McDonalds coffee that she tried to drive down the road with between her legs. She should be slapped for being stupid not rewarded for not taking her own responsibility for her moronic actions. That frivolous suit thing is WAY out of control and never going to fix itself. And exactly what would be wrong with loser pays winners lawyers fee? That just wouldn’t take away enough money from each person in the suit and we couldn’t have that. So even if you win a suit brought against you, you can lose everything you own. Something wrong with that picture?

But that again is only part of the lawyer problem. Read the US Constitution. Start with the preamble and move directly to Article VI. Then read the rest of it knowing it was written in the light of those two constants.



The Preamble

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America


Article 6 - Debts, Supremacy, Oaths

All Debts contracted and Engagements entered into, before the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be as valid against the United States under this Constitution, as under the Confederation.

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.

The Senators and Representatives before mentioned, and the Members of the several State Legislatures, and all executive and judicial Officers, both of the United States and of the several States, shall be bound by Oath or Affirmation, to support this Constitution; but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.


Is there even one word that is difficult to understand there? Remember, the US Constitution was written so any person with the level of sixth grade in education would be able to read, understand and comprehend it so there would NEVER be a reason to employ an attorney to exercise the rights God gave you and are guaranteed by the US Constitution. Read the second clause carefully. ALL judges in ALL states shall be bound by the US Constitution and ALL laws and Constitution of the states to the contrary are NOTWITHSTANDING! So what happened? The lawyers have convinced us that we should live by PRECEDENTIAL law and NOT Constitutional law. In other words, one judge somewhere renders a decision based on opinion instead of Constitutional law and it becomes “precedent” and ALL judges and lawyers past that decision can use that in place of Constitutional law. That is EXACTLY where we are. And the supreme court justices (yeah right, justice) became law MAKERS instead of law enforcers. Now we have lawyers in the white house, congress and the supreme court and they are all covering for the actions of the other branches. So we’ve become an “oligarchy” and are no longer a self governing republic. The judges are to remain in office so long as they are acting in “good behavior” according to the Constitution and exactly who is going to accuse them of otherwise? They should ALL be impeached if you go by the US Constitution. But all in all, THEY are calling the shots, so long as we let them. The other bad thing about being controlled by lawyers is that they are now responsible for the largest wealth redistribution scam ever in the entire history of the world, from US to THEM! THEY are the only REAL winners of any lawsuit. That is a fact and they’ll NEVER let us have the power to limit them ever again. Public hangings would be WAY too good for them. Precedential law is TYRANNY! Ruling by opinion and not written law! TYRANNY!


The second big thing we are up against is the UN. They have several agendas that are very scary and harmful to America and Americans but the worst is probably Agenda 21. The UN has been taking over our parks and most of the land that is owned by the federal government while we all sleep and party. Google Agenda 21 if you want a good scare. But it is fact and it has been implemented by executive order and regulation, not by vote. Not that would matter much anyway but it would make some difference. Clinton started the ball rolling with the Executive order creating the Presidents Counsel on Sustainability. Obama has accelerated the process greatly and it is now a bigger threat to US Sovereignty than ever. The UN now has more power than ever and they are trying to get our Navy, drones, Air Force and manpower to push their agenda. Obama intends to allow that. Less than 16 hours after he was re-appointed (the election was a complete fraud) obama went to the UN to push the Small Arms Treaty. He wants to have it in place by March 2013 and he’ll get it through. I don’t think I have to tell anyone what happens if we can’t defend ourselves. The UN has also gone to the obama administration and is pushing him to go after states that VOTED to allow recreational marijuana. Whether or not you agree with that vote, it is NOT the place of the UN to EVER have any influence over our law or sovereignty. This is VERY dirty and should NEVER be tolerated! If you think they’re not already having a detrimental effect just call your building department and see what code standard we are now using. It is the IBC (international building code) and the same with the fire standards. The UN is telling Americans what law we will use for our buildings and such and it aint gonna get any better, that’s for sure. On top of all that, the UN is FULL of participants that hate the US and vote against us at every opportunity. Then we send them money. The UN and the US are right now involved in the largest global wealth redistribution scam ever on the planet. WE fund the IMF, World Bank and most of the foreign aid around the world and it is breaking us as a nation. Plus we are the largest contributors to the UN including giving them their building for free. We are BEING SYSTEMATICALLY BILKED to our end. We don’t have a chance to be free if we stay in the UN. By the way, the UN is made up of mostly muslim countries and they naturally hate us. They want to OWN the US and they will if we continue on the path we’re on. By the way, also google REX 84. If that doesn’t scare you nothing will and it is FACT!!! If you do not believe there are FEMA camps set up to detain millions of people here in the US you’re not seeing the truth. They exist and they are REAL! What they intend to do with them is another story, but they ARE real. Agenda 21 also may consider reducing the population of the earth and at LEAST they want to herd us into the big cities and get more away from personal transportation methods. Our government IS implementing agenda 21 right now. Even the white house website admits to that.


Borders are another big problem. We are allowing illegals, criminals, illegal drugs, violence and muslim terrorists to enter our southern border at will. The federal government is supposed to be responsible for the security of our borders but they have another agenda to remain in power so they not only allow it to happen but they actually promote it. Then they sue the states that try to close their borders because the federal government won’t do their part. The suits cost taxpayers BILLIONS or even TRILLIONS of dollars and guess who gets most of that? LAWYERS! One of the REAL problems is that the illegals (they are breaking our law just by crossing the border) come here and do NOT try to assimilate, they try to bring the dump of a place they ran away from here too. The cost of illegals here in the US would probably eradicate the entire national deficit but at LEAST would make a huge dent in it. Estimates are $380BILLION to the sky is the limit. There are also federal codes to prevent ANYONE from enticing, attracting or harboring illegal aliens and none of those codes are being enforced. Sort of like the LAWYERS pick and choose which laws are going to be enforced. Tyranny.


Religion is next. The muslims are taking the country over bit by bit and they will NEVER stop. This is ALSO being promoted by the current administration. Obama didn’t start it, but he sure as hell has pushed it. They will NEVER be good Americans because their religion will not allow it. No government that does not include islam can be recognized by any practicing muslim and they kill anyone who converts FROM islam. In fact, their creed is to convert or kill anyone that does not convert to islam. There are plenty of places in the US right now where they are training to kill us if we do not convert. There are also plenty of areas that are practicing shariah law which is directly linked to islam. Stoning’s, honor killings and genital mutilations are occurring in America right now. They WILL take over here unless we do something. Always remember that religion has killed MANY times more people on the earth than any other subject. By a long shot.


Race is another big problem. Blacks are now literally empowered by us to do as they pretty much wish. Obama just recently signed an executive order that gives blacks special rights to education. ONLY blacks. How can you be more racist? The man in our white house! There have been special programs for blacks since the mid sixties and they are STILL poor and have lower standards of living then do most whites (there are plenty bad whites too but the overwhelming evidence shows that blacks do not care to contribute to society but in a big way take from it). They get FAR more advantages than whites do and it hasn’t helped. Think that means something? Just show me ONE, ONE single country controlled by blacks that is successful. Just one! Some are hacking their citizens to pieces with machetes so they don’t waste their bullets. But the muslims and blacks are winning if we do nothing because of attrition. White Americans are having 1.8-2.1 babies per couple. That is not enough to propagate the race. Blacks are having 5.8, hispanics are having about the same and the muslims are having 6.8 babies per couple. We will be bred out soon enough and they will out vote us. I predict it will be a violent end. I assure you they will NOT show us the same kindness we have shown them. Just read a couple quotes from the new black panthers about killing us and our babies. Sickening. I AM for equal rights and any man that earns his way has my respect but I am NOT in favor of SPECIAL rights. I am also NOT a racist for loving my race the most. When blacks love THEIR race best it is commendable but when whites do it is racism. SO WHAT, then call me whatever you want, truth is truth and I will NOT ignore it to be labeled as “more fair”.


The economy is a huge problem because we are already owned by our creditors. We now owe at LEAST $16trillion, at least that’s what they admit to. I say it’s much higher than that but that’s just me. I would NEVER accuse the government of lying to us! We now borrow (as of november 23 2012) more than $200,000.00 a SECOND! $4 billion a day! For what? To make American’s lives better? Maybe the ones that don’t want to pitch in and help us get out of this financial mess are doing well but the rest of us are about to have a very rude awakening. As of right now the “experts” are predicting that by 2023 we will pay every dime we take in by taxation towards INTEREST ONLY!!! Every country in the world that has loaned us any money will forever get a free ride from the US. That’s only part of it, the industrial nations like China and Russia are building their armies and navies using OUR PAYMENTS! We are financing our own invasion! How damn stupid can we get? Geez people! Just think, if we had no illegal aliens ($380b), half as many people in jail like for incarcerating people that smoke a natural plant ( around $100b), obamacare ($200b), undeserved entitlements ($800b), foreign aid ($50-100b), government subsidies to business ($200-800b), war on drugs ($140b), the IMF and world bank ($300b) we would be pretty well off. We spend well over $2trillion on things that are not even constitutional. There is NOTHING in the US Constitution that provides for the subsidies, illegal aliens, foreign aid (in fact there is mention of foreign aid NOT being included) and the ridiculous amount of Americans we incarcerate. We now incarcerate more per capita than any country in the world and a large portion would go away if we stopped the war on drugs and deported illegal aliens. Remember we are giving $100b or more a year to countries that hate us and we’re borrowing and paying interest on what we give away. That is SUPER bad business no matter how you look at it. Don’t forget what the unions and their pensions are costing us. That is another huge number. What if we SERIOUSLY punished the corrupt? Think that might put a little damper on barney franks love and drug life? Fire ALL the managers and take away everything they have including their cush healthcare and pensions. Give them a taste of what they’ve given us. Every time I hear another politician say “we’re all going to have to share in the recovery” I want to throw up. THEY made those poor business decisions with OUR money and they have betrayed us.   Why do only WE have to pay for that and how do we reward them? By giving them lavish lives with comfortable livings for the rest of their lives. NO WAY! TAKE ALL THAT AWAY FROM THEM and the others will immediately start making better business decisions. Our economy WILL collapse, there is NO way to stop that. It is just a matter of time.


So what happens when we are paying for interest only with our proceeds from taxation? Do the countries that we can NEVER pay back just repossess the US for nonpayment and they then own everything we have? What’s the end to that? Can our leaders be more stupid? Or is there another agenda? Yep there has to be! Then again maybe I’m just chicken little and the countries that we owe will suddenly forgive our debts and life will be fine. Sure it will. Wanna buy a bridge?


What about war overseas? What happens if Israel eventually attacks Iran? They all but HAVE to and we BETTER back them. But what if we do? Will Russia and or China back Iran? Will North Korea invade South Korea while we’re busy? It’s game on and our stupid government has been downsizing our military for years! They say we don’t use horses and bayonets any more. What the hell does THAT have to do with it? Because that may be our last defense! Did you know there has been one company buying up all the gun manufacturers and ammunition companies? Marlin was just bought out last week and closed immediately. Does that not show you there is something up? In the mean time the US government has been buying bullets and ammunition by the BILLIONS and it’s NOT for target practice. They’re buying hollow points which are for NOTHING but killing HUMANS that was even banned by the geneva convention because they are so brutally effective!


Disarming the American people. That is in the works right now. There is a definite push to abolish all “assault” weapons. Diane feinstein is in the middle of a concerted effort to remove all assault weapons including any gun that has a clip, pistol grip, large capacity magazine (holds more than 10 rounds), or can be fired semi automatic. She insists there should be no grandfathering and anyone that owns such a weapon should immediately surrender it for destruction. I can’t think of any person that could be considered more of a traitor in our government. This goes back to the above issue of our losing the concept of the US Constitution. The same Constitution that SHE took oath to uphold and support. She is a traitor and should be removed from office and punished for her actions and ignorance of her oath. One other quick thing, THE only reason our country has never been invaded is because most of us are armed. I have no doubt that if we lose our arms OUR government isn’t the only threat we have to worry about.


Politics. We have an illegal fraudulent president in our white house and oval office, a VERY dirty and corrupt attorney general, EXTREMELY racist congress (congressional black caucus), EXTREMELY corrupt biased and idealistic supreme court and they are covering for each other which effectively turns us into a 3 part oligarchy rather than the constitutionally based republic we have been so successful in maintaining for around 125 years or so. The last 100 years has resulted in an extremely left leaning liberal agenda that is wrought with socialism and communism. It will weaken us to the point that we cannot recover. Our president is RULING by executive order (show me where in the US Constitution that any president is authorized to MAKE law) and he has enlisted more than 40 illegal czars that have NOT been approved by congress as REQUIRED by the US Constitution. He has in effect set up a complete inner government that is ruling by regulation and not voted for by duly presented bill. THIS IS TYRANNY! Think maybe he’ll let up on any of these principles?


The federal reserve and irs. Both are COMPLETELY unconstitutional. The US Constitution gives CONGRESS ONLY the authority to “coin and set the value” of money. Now the fed does that and they are printing money faster than ever before. That doesn’t seem so bad until you think about the outcome. First off the money is NOT going to the people, it is going to obama’s friends and supporters including acorn and the likes, but mostly to the big banks (goldman sachs, bankof america and citibank) and they’re putting it away and not loaning it like they should even IF it was legal for the fed to print money. By the way, the US DOES NOT own the federal reserve OR the irs. Both are owned by the world bank and it is a wealth redistributing scam. Neither are legal according to our constitution. By the way, the obama administration is FULL of goldman sachs ex-employees. Regarding taxes, do the less well off use different sewers and roads? Why wouldn’t every preson in this country NOT have to share in the costs for using the infrastructure? THE only people that should NOT have to pay taxes are the ones on social security, disability or DESEERVED entitlements. I see NO reason to write a person a check and then stand there with your hand out to take part of it back. EVERY PERSON SHOULD PAY THE SAME RATE! That would effectively adjust the amount of taxation by YOUR personal income. NO deductions of ANY kind. You make a dollar you pay 15% or whatever the rate needs to be. There is NO other fair way to tax and the government saying the well off don’t pay their fair share are CROOKS! The top 10% of all earners pay for over 80% of the revenue. Sure, that’s fair. Everybody pays SOMETHING! PERIOD! NO able bodied freeloaders!


I believe our president is a muslim fraud that has intentions of destroying the country and taking everything he can until we fail. There are so many things that are coming together that any of which can set off a chain reaction. I expect it will start with economic, war, racial or political foundations and the others will take place so fast it will be impossible to stop. The UN will probably be invited to help control the civil unrest that happens because the inner cities will not be able to get food and necessities to the people because of riots. The economy will collapse and there will be little to no gasoline or fuel to be had. Money will hyper inflate because the fed has flooded the market with phony currency and even IF you can find gas it won’t be affordable. All of this can take place in a matter of a few weeks once it starts to snowball. If we get invaded at the same time we’re in even bigger trouble and that just may happen.


So what can we do about it? That is the $64k question. All I can say is do your best to prepare. I recommend that you get involved with like minded people in your close proximity and stock some essentials. Food, a method of collecting water, guns and ammunition, alternative power arrangements (solar or wind generators), a method of food storage (freezer and salt for jerky) and maybe some type of garden to grow some food. Then be prepared to defend what you have stashed if you need to. Unfortunately you may have to become brutal in turning away those who refused to look at the conditions that got us to the survival mode. My wife and I have put quite a bit of effort into gathering things that could be used or needed (including paper goods and dog food) and unfortunately we will not be in a position to share with others that have not listened. I hate the thought of turning my fellow man away but it is survival. I would expect the government to make new laws and regulations to entrap us to become felons so they can “legally” take our guns and make criminals out of all of us. It has the potential to get very ugly very fast. The real deal will be what happens when law enforcement and the military is ordered to disarm us. If they follow those orders we could easily slip into civil war where it could be brother against brother.


My suggestion to all is be as prepared as you are comfortable with. This does not mean to stash everything you see for the coming war but I think it is prudent to have some form of a plan to survive. Those in the cities will have it the worst. Violence, looting, hunger and general mahem but that will probably spread out to the close to urban areas. People will go looking for food and money and will be very dangerous to even interact with. Get involved with your neighbors and have plans for the worst. Hope for the best but plan for the worst. It isn’t very expensive to get some essentials stashed and if I’m a nut case and nothing happens almost all of it has value and can be redeemed if we get the country straightened out. Stay away form the cities and the violence and take steps to be involved in a more local way. In my neighborhood we have roughly 150 people that could confer if things go south in a hurry. I HATE to be the bearer of bad news but this is the way I see things and what will probably happen if we don’t get a grip on our country, politicians, LAWYERS and the illegal alien problem.


The muslims may very easily become the biggest problem we have and they could be the catalyst that starts the ball rolling. Our country depends on US to do something and the day will probably come where we have no other choice. What is happening in greece, spain, italy, egypt, libya, iran, turkey, pakistan and a multitude of other countries is coming here, of that I am sure. Our unions, pensions and entitlement programs alone are enough to sink the country financially and there WILL be riots.


We MUST be prepared to defend our rights and Constitution. The baton of freedom was handed down to our generation and if we do nothing WE will be the generation that has to lament to our grandchildren how great America WAS when we were free to make our own choices and mistakes. WE will be the ones that let America down. That concept MUST BE STOPPED AT ALL COSTS!

If you think none of this can happen you haven’t even thought about looking at history. Rome fell because of the loss of morality, failure to secure their borders, fiscal irresponsibility, political corruption, having their military spread too thinly and underfunded and an ample amount of complacency where the citizens said openly “that can’t happen here”. Does that NOT sound familiar? Isn’t all of that happening here and now? It can happen and it did. Usually the next phase is invasion and being conquered (the Romans were beaten by vikings and norsemen and done so easily) and one person appearing on the scene that has all the answers. Remember that hitler won at least one vote by 97% and he immediately began to indoctrinate the youth, just as our youth are being indoctrinated here. He began the brown shrt era very similar to obama’s “civillian army that is as well funded and trained as our military”. Hitler’s brutal civilian army was called the SS and ours has no name as of now but they are just as much a threat and just as dangerous. The people LOVED hitler and before it was over he was directly responsible for the deaths of at LEAST 50million people. That includes russians, allied forces, jews, italians and others. One quick side note, Iran was once called Persia and hitler caused the name of the country to be changed to Iran which means “Arian”. Do NOT be lulled into thinking that can never happen in the world ever again. History has repeated itself for ages and the US IS vulnerable to the same fate as Rome. We are committing the very same actions that caused the fall of the roman empire. Did you know the definition of insanity is committing the same actions and expecting different results? It CAN and WILL happen one day. Why not now? Especially if we do nothing to prevent it.