Family Tree

I hope at least some people take heed to what I am saying and doing about it.  If we stick together as Americans we have a much better chance of survival.  The more people that are prepared the less chance of violence when we find ourselves in trouble.  I hope my neighborhood reads my writings and contacts me to organize in the event of a collapse.  I believe it is coming and cannot be prevented at this time.  The outcome is definitely uncertain but I do believe there are far worse times ahead.  We have made some preparations and are working on some others.  What happens can not be predicted but there are some signs that would give an idea of what might happen and how to become prepared for it.  Being prepared is not expensive and if I'm wrong then everything I have already bought and built has value and will not be worthless.  If I'm right then it could easily be the difference between life and death for ourselves and our country.  I highly doubt that anyone could say that there is nothing wrong in the country and things are just fine.  Be informed and prepared.  It doesn't take a lot and you may one day be very grateful that you did something while you could.  I look forward to comments.  Don't bother trying to bash me if you don't agree.  This isn't about that in any way.  It is my freidnly warning to those who care about their country.  Something bad is happening and if we do nothing we can expect the worst.