My Passion for Cars

Since I'm always messing with something, cars are right up there with my fave things to do.  I've been building a 1965 Comet for about 4 years.  It's come a long way but I keep getting sidetracked.  I'm about to get back on it pretty soon.  It was an original Sedan door post 404 with a factory 4 speed and a highpo 289.  I'm putting a 351W in it with a ton of go fast parts.  Should make about 450hp if I did everything right.  It's getting a mustangII front end and a world class 5 speed from a 93 Mustang.  3.73 gears and it buzzes pretty hard at 60mph so it needs the overdrive tranny.  I'm also about to get going on another 3 wheel project with a 1991 Ninja 1100 motor and a low slung body made out of kevlar.  That's AFTER the Comet though.