Our Home

Kerry and I bought a great little home in peyton that needed quite a bit of work.  It was a 4 bedroom with very small bedrooms and a very small living room.  We took out one of the bedrooms and increased the size of the living room by about double.  We bacically tore out everything that didn't look like it was in place and put it back like we wanted it.  We now have wood floors and a much smaller carpet footprint.  We got the pellet wood burning stove going and it cut our heating bills by about 2/3rds.  We now spend about $120 a month to heat even in the coldest months where it was well over $350 before.  Plus the pellet stove warms everything in the house including the floor and it is a much nicer and warmer environment.  The propane heater used to cycle often and never really warmed the walls, ceiling, floors and furniture.  Wood pellet is definitely the way to go.  All automatic and very nice.


Of course I put up a big shop and that's my dog house.  I spend a lot of time out there in my domain and get quite a bit done.  I'm always messing with something.  we also put in a Tuff Shed that my neighbor (manual) sold to me for a great price.  He's been with tuff shed for over 20 years and the go to guy if you want a great deal on a nice shed.  He really hooked us up.  Manual and his wife Julie are super nice people and they have become good friends.  Great neighbor.  I wish they were all like them.  The next door to Manual neighbor is Tim Fox and his family is very nice too.  Even though we kind of stick to ourselves, we do have nice people around us.  We REALLY like the idea of having plenty of space around us.  The smallest tract out here is 2.5 acres.  We have a bit more than that.